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writer & director


Chris Ross Leong has been writing stories and making movies, both in front of and behind the lens, for almost 50 years.

CRL Oliver 1978.png

On the set of Universal Picture's "Oliver's Story", (1974): 

 (L to R:) Wilson Wong (Chris's real assistant), the late great Benson Fong, Chris (in green), Candice Bergen and (in black shirt, Right BG) Ryan O'Neal.

“It’s about time”, he says about his first feature film effort.


After having made a handful of short films and a boatload of commercials, he’s been working both in the mainstream Hollywood TV industry and in feature films for over 20 years, on many TV shows and movies you’ve seen already.

But, aside from that, why Chris?

Three things, to start with:

1) Chris was a competitive concert musician from the age of 6. While getting his Royal Schools of Music qualifications in Music Theory, Piano, Voice and Oboe, he played the key drum in his school's marching band, percussion in the orchestra and the drums again in quite a few rock and pop bands while still in his early to mid teens.

2) After he left school, his first love was a dancer and his first business was running a dance studio and company with her.


3) Chris was born in India. Many years later he worked on several Indian movies, and there, as a young editor, he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Shashi and Kunal Kapoor, the late Ismail Merchant and his partner James Ivory, and their esteemed writer, the late great

Ruth Praver Jhabvala, CBE. 

You can find out more about Chris at his official website, here:

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