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What if our oldest instrument, the drum, if made in a certain way and
played in a certain way, can open a bridge between life and death?

And what if a gifted enough dancer, by dancing to that eternal
rhythm, can defeat death itself?

A young couple inadvertently stumbles upon the perfect combination
that’s as creative as it is ethereal - with deadly consequences.

A poor tabla-maker falls for a wild and gifted dancer, who dares him
to create a grand romantic gesture to prove his love for her. He does
this, but unleashes an un-dead spirit that will stop at nothing to
capture the beat of his heart forever.

Suppose for a moment...
that the soul actually does vibrate to a man-made drum

that soul-mates do actually resonate harmonically

that a drummer can resonate to a dancer's core rhythm  

and that yes, under certain circumstances, 

love can indeed defeat death.

Just a couple of niggly things might need to be taken into consideration.

Like time - a lot of time.

A dead person won't necessarily age like a living one does.

And entropy.

Finite memory would, eventually, fail.

Universal laws like that apparently apply universally, even to death.

So while our un-dead spirit lady remembers that

she has to continue existence at any cost 

in order to be reunited with her lover,

she’s probably been in limbo so long now that

she’s forgotten who that man has become.

Significantly, how old that man has become.

And so, when faced with preserving the lives

of the youngsters who have fallen into her trap,
she almost chooses the path

selfish darkness over the light of love itself.

Thankfully, at the very end of our little tale, she remembers -
with a little help from her friends.

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