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There’s a myriad of consultants and advisors involved in the making of a movie, especially when, like in this project, we want to get things just right, both historically and aesthetically.

Simultaneously with the music and the story comes the dance.

This story is nothing without incredible dance. Original dance. Dance to move heaven and earth - literally.

So, "Love Beats" literally rests on the feet of its dancers.

And the intrepid international choreographer and

genius of the dance stage will be:



zohra "z" el-harrak - london


Z’s long-time expertise in cross-cultural visual design and choreography has been evident on many music videos, dance performances and events throughout the world, including the Japanese Fashion & Dance Show and Live Dance Shows

at the Fridge, Hippodrome, and Legends in London, the Top Drawer and

Live In LA shows with Andrew Vaughn Abelson,

“Dance Partner” in London and LA, the Antebellum Live Show in LA.

Specializing in theater design, cinematography and still photography, Zohra infuses modern movement and design with vintage fashion and classical movement.

Originally from Morocco, Z's cross-cultural dance experience makes her uniquely qualified to steer this most vital aspect of our film.

Z lives mainly in London - when she’s not working on films such as “LoveBeats”.

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