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"LoveBeats” will be a theatrical feature film running for approximately

100 minutes and produced in India in both Hindi and English languages.

Principal photography will be in Delhi, India, in the spring of 2023,

with ancillary locations around India and also in Peshawar, Istanbul, Cairo,

Marrakesh, and one of the Lakes of Human Origin: Lake Tanganyika.

The initial micro-niche market is dancers, dance students and drummers everywhere. Our secondary target market is the general public, children included (perhaps not very young children because of the magical/supernatural

elements of the piece that might be scary for them).

Otherwise there’s no nudity, sex, physical violence or crude language, 

and so "LoveBeats" should prove suitable for general release world-wide.

In particular, lovers of music and dance would be interested in the subject matter, but in general, because the underlying theme is the oldest movie story in history - love versus death - this film will appeal to female audiences around the world.

Which effectively means everybody, since we all know it’s the males who say “let’s go to the movies” but it’s the females who choose which ones to see.

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