Chris Ross Leong

Chris Ross Leong started as a fashion and beauty photographer before moving to cinema and commercials production and direction in the late 70's. He then became a feature film editor in London, before moving to the USA in the late 90's to work on many Award-Winning films and TV shows.

Meanwhile, Chris produced a slate of personal scripted films through his own production company, Stansbury Studios.

"LoveBeats" is the first full-length feature film that Chris has produced and directed, but not even the tenth one he's worked on for other production companies.



Arati Misro

Arati Misro hails from the American Film Institute, with an MFA in film production.

She has worked in independent film sales, marketing and distribution for several Hollywood studios.  Her film credits include, "Gone" ( 2017), " In Search America, Inshallah" & "Sunrise" ( 2015) which both screened at Cannes, and several other award-winning films. 

Arati has also performed social work for battered women in Orissa, India, has served on the board for many community-driven organizations. In particular, Arati has chaired Women in Film International,  Los Angeles, for over ten years.