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Chris Ross Leong

Chris Ross Leong started as a fashion and beauty photographer before moving to cinema and commercials production and direction in the late 70's. He then became a feature film editor in London, before moving to the USA in the late 90's to work on many Award-Winning films and TV shows.

Meanwhile, Chris produced a slate of personal scripted films through his own production companies, Stansbury Studios and his newly-formed Dim Sum Films.

"LoveBeats" is the first full-length feature film that Chris has produced and directed, but not even the tenth one he's worked on for other production companies.

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Varun Kumar Panda

Varun Panda is a producer and cinematographer trained at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He has been collecting vintage cameras, experimenting his way into the history and design of these beautiful machines. 

Amidst the hustle bustle of Delhi's daily life, Varun once found an old and abandoned apartment in front of his residence, from which sparked the origin of the idea behind the story of LoveBeats.

Together with motivation and encouragement from Chris, he re-shaped "LoveBeats" into its present multiple-Award-winning form, to bring this unique and wonderful concept onto the big screen for the whole world to experience.



Jordan Mokriski

Jordan Mokriski started editing his friends‘ films a few decades ago and has never looked back.


His professional editor's career was launched at HBO’s documentary division and has taken him from NY to LA to Portugal and back again several times over.


Jordan is also an accomplished composer and musician, but says it was a youthful stint at the National Dance Institute in NYC that most primed him for Lovebeats. “I was working with six guest dancers from India on a massive dance production in NY. I never felt such creative energy and magic again, until I read Chris’s script”.  Jordan is excited to help bring that magic to the big screen.

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