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A poor tabla-maker falls for a wild and gifted dancer, who dares him to create a grand romantic gesture to prove his love for her. While trying, he unwittingly unleashes an undead spirit that will stop at nothing to capture the beat of his heart - forever.




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“LoveBeats” is designed to be a theatrical feature film running for approximately 100 minutes and produced in India in both Hindi and English languages, with a supporting documentary series spanning the history of classical dance and hand drums going back to the origins of humankind.

Principal photography is estimated for 2021-22, with several locations around India and also in London, Paris, New York, Peshawar, Istanbul, Cairo, Marrakesh and Lake Tanganyika.



Any feature film depends on the ability of its cast

to bring the souls of its characters to life.

"LoveBeat"'s cast will be a spectacular testament to the performing skills of its stars, fixed on film for people to watch and marvel at in the years, decades, and centuries to come.




Chris R Leong, Los Angeles

Arati Mirso, Los Angeles

writer & director

Original Screenplay by

Chris Ross Leong, Los Angeles, USA

Hindi Translation by

Varun Kumar Panda, India


Chris Ross Leong, Los Angeles, USA



Original Music by

Bashiri Johnson, USA 

Original Percussion by

Basiri Johnson, USA

Original Instruments by

Qasim Khan Niyazi, Delhi, India

Ali Osman Durak, Istanbul, Turkey

Gawharet El Fan, Cairo, Egypt

Imad Eddine Dably, Marrakesh, Morocco

 the Royal Drum Makers of Mpambire, Uganda



Original Choreography by

Zohra el-Harrak, UK 

Indian Dance Mistress

Original Dance Troupe


visual design

From the initial photos of the haunted house next door, to tests and scouting in Delhi and surrounding areas, we have been compiling the original imagery that will form the basis of “Love Beats”’ visual design.

Click the "SEE MORE" button just below on your right to see a sampling of the imagery he has assembled thus far.


about the movie

Chris met and worked together with Indian cinematographer Varun Kumar Panda in the USA. Upon Varun’s return to Delhi, he and Chris started looking for a project they could work on, by remote at first, to take advantage of their international divide.

One day Varun mentioned an abandoned building near his Delhi residence, and the feeling that he had while visiting it. “It’s like a haunted house”, said Varun, and sent over a series of photos of the building:



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